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Sukharn Bait Co.

Mega Flap tail Flapharn

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The Mega flap tail AKA Mega Flapharn Is a versatile flap tail style lure. Fished fast or painfully slow there is no wrong way to retrieve them.  Our original Flap tail aspect of this bait uses its unique harness, incorporating a .062 stainless steel wire and Size 10 Indiana Blade. Rotating inside two stainless steel screw eyes and a third handmade guide.  Above the harness rests another size 9 Indiana blade. A stainless washer and screw finish the rear of the bait. Made of Pine wood and stainless components. Sealed and finished with a two-part epoxy. Also available in Mini and Micro sizes.
- 7 inches long
-8 ounces
-3 Mustad Treble Hooks 
-.061 wire hook hangers
-Magnum .093 stainless steel screw eyes 
-Epoxy sealed and finished Exterior


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