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Sukharn Bait Co.

SBC Spinners

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1.5 and 2 oz Safety pin style Spinner lure models

-Stiff-Arm- 2oz Spinner head/.051 stainless steel shank with a size 9 Fluted Indiana Blade Dual 7/0 Long shank hooks 250 strand 8.5" Mylar skirt Approx. 3oz

-SBC Spinner Size 8 Olympic/ 7 Indiana blade combo. Built on a 2oz Spinner head/.051 shank Dual 7/0 Long shank hooks with 2x 8.5" Mylar Skirts Approximately 3.5oz

-SBC Spinner Size 9 Indiana/ 5 Willow blade combo Built on a 1.5 oz Spinner head/.51 shank with a single 7/0 Long shank hook and a dressed 5/0 Mustad treble 250 strand large profile Mylar skirt- Approximately 4oz



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